Simon Stanton – Short Stories

My collection of short stories

And finally, they’re back. Starting with two of my favourites of the current collection (Never The Twain, and The Quantum Theologist) I’m starting to get the short stories back where they should be – available for people to read.
Short stories have a life of their own. They’re different from novels or novellas. Each has a message, or a point, or illustrates a world that was or might be or could have been. I like writing short stories, and I like sharing them. They’re here for you to read for free, to download, to share. Some are very short (a few hundred words) and some are longer.


Many, many decades from now, an alien ship comes to survey our world. What they find surprises them, then shocks them, then appalls them.

 Click here to read ‘Unbalanced’

Creeg is a reptile, a dinosaur, and a junior assistant in the Ministry of Science. Creeg works for the Minister of Science, Vraag, and Vraag has a plan, a dangerous plan to assume power, a plan that could change everything, forever.


Click here to read ‘Pivotal Moment’


A tragic miscalculation strands a senior politician in space on board a space-station counting down to destruction. The only thing that can save her? A rescue mission by a private company. But would it be profitable enough?


Click here to read ‘Spirit in the Sky’

A short story about Online, the incredible supercomputer who runs all the city’s services. Joel is on his first day as a Junior Assistant Operator for Online, and Joel is hoping for a quiet day. But Online has a plan, a plan which starts with letting Joel know about a secret rule, a rule that Online is determined to break, ensuring that Joel’s day will be anything but quiet.

Click here to read ‘Never The Twain’

In a world similar to our own, yet strikingly different, two journalists meet in the congregation at the Central Research Cathedral. They’re there to report on the latest, and greatest experiment in Religious Physics. As the two old sparring partners watch, the Quantum Theologist enters the room, ready to answer the greatest question ever. What happens next isn’t quite what anyone was expecting.

Click here to read ‘The Quantum Theologist’