Simon Stanton

The Psiclone series…

The military made them powerfully telepathic, then betrayed them. Now they’re back for revenge.

Betrayal is personal … revenge is business.

First in the Psiclone series. In this fast-paced action thriller, a secret military experiment made four special-forces soldiers powerfully telepathic. Then the military betrayed them. Now one of those soldiers, Michael Sanders, is an MI5 field agent. Keeping his abilities secret, even from his own team, Sanders and the full surveillance force of GCHQ are on the trail of a gang of far-right activists.

What should have been a routine surveillance mission starts to go badly wrong when the prime suspect is assassinated in front of Sanders. A telepathic message heralds the return of a deadly force from his past, and events spiral out of control with murders, rocket attacks and kidnappings on the streets of London.

As his enemy closes in, Sanders must battle to stay alive and fight to discover their ultimate target.

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The second book in the Psiclone series. The Three have escaped, and their anger at Michael Sanders for thwarting their plans is colossal. Now, they have to find a new way to get what they really came back for. Murder and kidnap are the tools of their trade, and the body count rises.

Sanders must find them, quickly, but he must also maintain the secret of the Psiclone project. Racing against the clock and battling those in MI5 who would isolate him, he follows leads into the shadowy world of the forces behind the Psiclone project. But time is running out to defeat the Three before they can become too powerful ever to be stopped.

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The third book in the Psiclone series – the story of how a unit of Special Forces soldiers—Captain Michael Sanders, Lieutenant Julian Singh, Sergeant Vince Marshall, Corporal Evan Bullock—were recruited into a secret military experiment they believed would boost their stamina and resilience, but the experiment had an unexpected outcome and the soldiers became powerfully telepathic.

Their telepathic skills gave them a unique advantage in their mission, but some of the soldiers start to see other, more profitable uses for their new-found skills. Shadowy figures behind the project begin to suspect that the soldiers and their new talents have become more of a threat than an asset.

Secrets are exposed and identities are revealed as the story of the Psiclone project is told. Loyalties are tested, and broken, as the events leading to the fateful operation in the freezing desert of Afghanistan are retold, an operation where betrayal and murder would lead to comrades becoming mortal enemies.

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5 thoughts on “Simon Stanton

  1. Simon,
    Just read a mind to kill. Won’t review, would be bad. Logic of plot had some terrible holes. Bad guys want to kill hero but fail to take many opportunities without explanation. Could have shot Michael in sports ground. End of problem . Why not. For me, story didn’t make sense. 50 billion would only be a speed bump for an economy the size of the UK. You did some good characterisation but am not inclined to read more. Sorry.

  2. Please keep us up dated on Final Mind, I’ve just finished reading all of the series so far and couldn’t find it on amazon, so I will be waiting eagerly for it’s arrival

  3. Thanks for asking about Final Mind. The truth is – I haven’t finished it yet. I’m in the early stages of writing Final Mind, so I don’t yet have a date when it will be released, but hopefully later this year.

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