The Psiclone series

The military made them powerfully telepathic, then betrayed them. Now they’re back for revenge.

When betrayal is personal … revenge is business.

First in the series. A secret military experiment gone wrong leaves four special-forces soldiers with powerful telepathic abilities. One of those, Michael Sanders, is now an MI5 field agent. Keeping his abilities secret, even from his own team, Sanders and the full surveillance force of GCHQ are on the trail of a far-right activist suspected of planning terrorist attacks.

What should have been a routine surveillance mission starts to go badly wrong when the prime suspect is assassinated in front of Sanders. A telepathic message heralds the return of a deadly force from Sanders’ past, hell-bent on revenge. Events spiral out of control with murders, rocket attacks and kidnappings on the streets of London.

Fighting to keep his secret, Sanders must battle to stay alive and find those responsible before they complete their plan and bring down the Bank of England.

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The second book in the Psiclone series. The Three have escaped, and their anger at Michael Sanders for thwarting their plans is colossal. Now, they have to find a new way to get what they really came back for. Murder and kidnap are the tools of their trade, and the body count rises.

Sanders must find them, quickly, but he must also maintain the secret of the Psiclone project. Racing against the clock and battling those in MI5 who would isolate him, he follows leads into the shadowy world of the forces behind the Psiclone project. But time is running out to defeat the Three before they can become too powerful ever to be stopped.

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