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NeverTheTwain28th December 2015. “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” (Maya Angelou)

So now my first short story is available here (Never the Twain).

I’ve got other stories which I’ll post here, they’re free to read and to share. I’m looking and finding other places to host these stories and make them available to people. I’ve also started to write blog posts on topics related to the stories, and I’ll probably write about writing, and anything else that interests me.

All this work on short stories is in parallel with working on my first novel. It’s a techno-thriller (present-day setting with a paranormal twist), and will be published on Amazon. At the moment the first draft is done and printed and being reviewed. I have to confess, it was thrilling to pick up the printed draft from the printers; for the first time it existed and something more than just a file on the computer, it had become real. Scary, as now other people could read it and pass comment.

As soon as I’ve made any necessary revisions I’ll format it for the Kindle (and Createspace) and publish it. But for the moment, I’ve also got some more short stories I need to work on.

Simon Stanton20th December 2015. “It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.” (Erma Bombeck)

I dream, in fact I dream a lot, sometimes I dream when I’m asleep. Once in a while I remember a dream, more than just a snippet, a whole dream in beautiful detail, and that happened the other night, and what I dreamed was an entire story.

It was an incredible experience to have a narrative unfold in the dream, from beginning to end, with characters and plot, and even more incredible to remember most of it when I woke. I often find that on waking dreams fade and leave just a tantalising memory of having had a dream. So this one I had to write down.

I’ve lost a few bits, I’ve lost a few connections, I’ve lost forever Athena’s original name, the name in the dream, so Athena will have to do instead. But I remembered almost all of it, and it’s now a short story called Never the Twain.

Start-Finish31st October 2015. Hello world.

So what do I say in my first blog post? “Hello world?” It’s unlikely that the whole world will read this, but since you are reading this I say Hello to you, and welcome.

This is, as stated, the first post, and this implies that I’m planning further posts. As the “About” page describes, I’m a writer. I’m a writer who’s just starting to put his work out into the big wide world for people outside his family to read. And it’s scary.

So what do I write? Science fiction, mainly. What kind of stories? Short stories to begin with. Can I read them? That’s the plan. I’m working on putting up the first short story, so hopefully by the time you reach this page and read this article it will be the first but not the only post.